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First Blog of 2010 :D

Hey look at the time. :P Time to sleep nights all. Have a good one :)

EmoAznBoy7 (8:10:19 PM): haha the only weapon i want is a 6 foot stick :P
bluesky587 (8:10:24 PM): lmao
bluesky587 (8:10:29 PM): dont yu got that in yur pants
EmoAznBoy7 (8:10:30 PM): im serious lol
bluesky587 (8:10:30 PM): ?
bluesky587 (8:10:31 PM): LOOOL
bluesky587 (8:10:32 PM): J/K
EmoAznBoy7 (8:10:33 PM): xDDD
EmoAznBoy7 (8:10:37 PM): you notices hahahaa
— xDDD damn! that was… umm…. unexpected :P thanks for the laugh tho xDDD
-Christina :D

I wanna see 2012 agian :P

So today i woke up at 9 took a piss and wen back to my bed. :D I was listening to my iPhonePod and yea people texted me and called me and was bugging me while i was trying to “sleep” hahaha but oh well i should of woke up, and i did at 12, ate lunch, waited for the bus, and went to Balboa Park to meet up with Chuany and Vincent.

On our way to Metreon…. nevermind nothing interesting happened. haha besides me doing a pull up and hitting my head on the train top ><

Ok so we meet up with larry and kelly and yea kelly buys some food and blah blah blah then larry decideds to go in like 30 mins early >< like wtf!? hahaha but after like 20 mins we got in there were people looking for seats :D High five larry, look at em suckers >< we got good seats too :P

During the movie it was pretty sad, if you apply what has happened in the movie to your own life then youll know waht im talking aobut. I thought aobut the people i love and care aobut, and it jsut made me sad :/ I would of brken into tears liek the others, yes the guys, but i dont know why but it jsut cant cry anymore :/ I wish i could but i jsut cant, the closest thing i can get to crying is yawning and a tear comes out >< haha

Oh yea there were stupid religious references to the movie. >< like what vincent pointed out the little jerky ass kids name was Noah -.- wtf!? and hes on a Arc. lol but what i did like aobut religion in the movie was that the fact that there were scenes with hella people praying hahahaa and while they were praying they died -.- see? there isn no god, how can “god” let this happen? Oh well :/ The president was cool haha ><

After the movie i wanted to do something becasue it was only 6PM >< and i didnt wanna go home that early hahaha so we walked like a block and go on a K at the powell stop >< couldnt jsut spend some time together guys? Oh well It was a pretty good day :P And im only blogging because i promised Larry i would haha :P


M&M’s in Caudy’s class, YEAAH!

 OMG! >< im tired of them now xD


Im all sniffly and feel sick it sucks, I never sneeze but I sneezed so much today it was absurd! The only thing making me happy is tomorrow Chuansen is taking me to see A Christimas Carol hooray for Christmas spirit

 :D I saw it already haha forsome reason it ended sooner then i expected lol and at metreon they had over sized ugly glasses ><  Have fun haha im surprized Scrooge didnt get injured from any of it xD

Just had a cup of milk and kept refilling it with cereal >< Waiting for the results xD

milk = lactose
lactose + henry = ?


Halloween :D

Ok so i havent bloged in like forever, but im doing it today well casue it was halloween and i had fun with my friends :D And for some reason words dont look right anymore lol the way they are spelt and blah blah blah you dont care haha oh yea i dont think of halloween as a holiday >< it serves no purpose xD Can someone tell me the point to halloween?

So today i was gonna hang out with my friends Vincent, and Chuansen all day cause i havent been hanging out with them lately >< Sorry guys haha Well today i promised them i would hang out with them and stuffz :P They said they were gonna play football and i was like sigh… nah i wanna play capture the flag lol and they said they would so i got outta the hosue around 12:30 to catch the 9x to bal park to meet up with Chuansen :D xDDD OMG I JSUT REMEBERED xDDD o like i texted him and i was like im at the 29 stop near mcdonalds, and he told me he was at the next stop so when i saw the 29 come i got on and he was half way down to the stop. After i got on i text him asking if i was suppsoed to get on xDDD and he calls me and was like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!? I WATCHED YOU GET ON THE 29 xDDD and i thought i was supposed to take the 29 to him xD so i had to walk all the way back down hahaha

Ok we get to nicks and yea… they were carving pumkins and i heard carls horrid music. OMG! Listen to somehtign that has Lyrics xD you cant sing to instrumentals lol Lets see they were carving pumkins and yea ill post pics up :) I started to gut a pumkin xD it was all slimey and stuff hahaha but it was fun i was being a douchebag to Ryan cause i kept throwing the gut from my pumkin into his xD after a few times he treaten me with a pumkin carving knife xD So lets see… After Jason comes i go to play with the piano nick has i like his piano lol feels nice hahaha too bad there wasnt a harp tone for it :/ i tried to practice that song im learning by DBSK :D then i started playing Apologize really fast that was.. uhh… yea haha at around i dont know waht time 4? 5? 6? i forgot trick or treaters showed up (: Treaters doesnt look right lol.

Nick had this spider in the tree and we droped it on people to scare them xD that was awesome i got this one guy, umm i think she was a girl lol well everyone was like get the guy in the 8 ball so i did and she started screaming xD i thoguht that was a guy i was liek why does he sound like a girl? then when they started walking back i saw long hair xD that was a girl! hahaha let see we did hekka shit lol i cant remeber it all >< We had pizza for dinner… and i kept stealing twizzlers lol and lets see… chauny and i went to aptos park cause we were gonna play football but chuany and i went to the see saw and they were like come back ><

When we left we turned on WAR and start dancing to it while we walked down the street xD And i got hell hyper hahaha thats awesome :D but then some one mentions the house with no window that was pitch black that we saw last time >< scary as fuck xD

After we left we were going to play capture the flag but we saw some older kids so we left… :/ and jason droped his glass bottle so we had to stick that into a pile and yea we just left to 7-11 and then i walked home… Chuansen and Chuany wouldnt let me walk them to thier hosue and walk back alone xD its cool that you care but you dont have too be that careful >< tomamrow - stay home and finish homework T_T

I call my mom and she picks me up then gets jason from boreders and leave… I was like who are you with? he said No one -.- wow… you think you can lie to me that easily? I know you wouldnt be at boreders alone -.- but ok idc i like it when people thinks im stupid cause after i show that im not shows how stupid they really are lol Have a good nite yall lol

So whats the point of Halloween? And dont say get free candy lol

I’m Cristina on henrys iPhone he is busy playing with a video thingy lol him and Chuansen ate a pizza hella fast


5 Days Until Hendy Woods :)


It’s that time again! :D

 >< I could wait for this one :/ doesnt seem like its gonna be that fun lol not like tahoe (:

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